500+ Pinterest Keywords for Christmas

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Pinterest keywords for Christmas: Find the perfect Christmas Keywords to use on Pinterest for your business

Grab my ultimate list of Pinterest Christmas keywords to help you with your Christmas pinning.

The final quarter of the year (Q4) and the lead up to Christmas is historically Pinterest's busiest time of the year.

Pinners are planners, and their Pinterest searches start as early as August – with 60% of sales inspired by what they see Pinterest completed by Cyber Monday.

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Having your Christmas Pins uploaded and optimised with Pinterest keywords is vital for discovering your brand in time for the Pinterest Christmas shopping season.

Keep reading to see the most searched for Christmas keywords on Pinterest in the following categories:

  • General Christmas keywords
  • Christmas Decor keywords
  • Christmas Craft keywords
  • Kids Christmas keywords
  • Festive keywords
  • Advent keywords

What are Pinterest keywords?

Keywords are the words people use to find what they are looking for; they are the words they enter in the search bar. It's essential to understand the words that your ideal customers and clients are looking for so that you can use those words in your pins.

Remember! Don't be tempted to use high-level terminology. Pinterest is a discovery tool, and the majority of your audience will be new to you; they won't be searching for these types of words. The language they are using in search is more broad and straightforward.

The most popular Christmas Pinterest keyword searches in 2021

Here are some of the most popular Christmas keywords for Pinterest in 2021, my team and I have researched them all, so you don't have to!

Tip – Search terms in bold are most popular and frequently searched for Christmas keywords on Pinterest.

General Christmas Keywords

Christmas decor ideas
Christmas crafts
Christmas nails
Christmas tree ideas
Christmas gift ideas
Christmas tree ideas
Christmas art
Christmas acrylic nails
Christmas appetisers
Christmas activities
Christmas baking
Christmas bedroom
Christmas bucket list
Christmas baby announcement
Christmas bedroom decor
Christmas baubles
Christmas baking ideas
Christmas crafts
Christmas cards
Christmas crafts to sell
Christmas cookies
Christmas cards handmade
Christmas cards to make
Christmas decor ideas
Christmas decorations
Christmas decor
Christmas DIY
Christmas dinner
Christmas decor ideas DIY
Christmas embroidery
Christmas Eve box ideas
Christmas embroidery patterns
Christmas embroidery ideas
Christmas eve box ideas kids
Christmas earrings
Christmas food
Christmas family photos
Christmas fireplace
Christmas family photo outfits
Christmas fireplace decor
Christmas fabric crafts
Christmas gift ideas
Christmas gifts for boyfriend
Christmas gifts for coworkers
Christmas gift basket
Christmas gift wrapping
Christmas garland
Christmas games
Christmas hamper ideas
Christmas hampers
Christmas hand embroidery
Christmas hot chocolate
Christmas house decorations
Christmas illustration
Christmas in New York
Christmas jars
Christmas jumpers
Christmas jewellery
Christmas journal
Christmas jam recipes
Christmas jar gifts ideas
Christmas jumper knitting pattern
Christmas jars decorations
Christmas knitting patterns free
Christmas knitting
Christmas kitchen decor
Christmas knitting patterns
Christmas knitting projects
Christmas knitting patterns free Xmas
Christmas kitchen decor ideas
Christmas lights outside
Christmas lanterns
Christmas mantle decor
Christmas makeup
Christmas mugs
Christmas nail designs
Christmas nail art designs
Christmas newborn picture
Christmas outfit
Christmas ornaments
Christmas ornaments homemade
Christmas ornament crafts
Christmas ornaments Diy
Christmas ornaments to make
Christmas present ideas
Christmas party ideas
Christmas paintings
Christmas photoshoot
Christmas pregnancy announcement
Christmas party food
Christmas quilts
Christmas quilt patterns
Christmas quilts ideas free pattern
Christmas quilting projects
Christmas quilts easy
Christmas quilting ideas
Christmas resin ideas
Christmas recipes dinner
Christmas rock painting ideas
Christmas sewing
Christmas sewing projects
Christmas signs
Christmas sweets
Christmas stocking ideas
Christmas sewing ideas
Christmas tree themes
Christmas table settings
Christmas tree decorations
Christmas tree inspiration
Christmas urns
Christmas unicorns
Christmas village display
Christmas vinyl projects to sell
Christmas wedding
Christmas wreaths
Christmas wallpaper
Christmas wedding ideas
Christmas wreaths DIY
Christmas wrapping ideas
Christmas Xmas cards
Christmas yard art
Christmas yarn crafts
Christmas yard decorations DIY

Christmas Decor Keywords

Christmas decor ideas
Christmas decorations
Christmas decor ideas DIY outdoors
Christmas ideas for living room
Christmas decorations DIY
Christmas decorations living room
Christmas decor apartment
Christmas decor at home
Christmas decor bedroom
Christmas decor boho
Christmas decor bathroom
Christmas decor bedroom ideas
Christmas decor crafts
Christmas decor colour theme
Christmas decor crochet
Christmas decor crafts and DIY projects
Christmas decor coffee table
Christmas decor centrepieces
Christmas decor DIY
Christmas decor DIY cheap
Christmas decor DIY ideas
Christmas decor dining room
Christmas decor door
Christmas decor exterior
Christmas decor entryway
Christmas decor entry table
Christmas decor entertainment centre
Christmas decor easy
Christmas decor farmhouse style
Christmas decor for small apartment
Christmas decor front porch
Christmas decor for office at work
Christmas decor for bedroom
Christmas decor fireplace
Christmas decor for apartments
Christmas decor for kitchen
Christmas decor gold
Christmas decor green
Christmas decor garland
Christmas decor grinch
Christmas decor gold and white
Christmas decor green and white
Christmas decor green and gold
Christmas decor garage door
Christmas decor home
Christmas decor hacks
Christmas decor handmade
Christmas decor hanging from ceiling
Christmas decor homemade
Christmas decor home ideas
Christmas decor ideas
Christmas decor ideas DIY
Christmas decor ideas for living room
Christmas decor ideas outdoor
Christmas decor ideas for bedroom
Christmas decor ideas 2021
Christmas decor ideas 2021 trends
Christmas decor ideas for apartment
Christmas decor jars
Christmas decor jar ideas
Christmas decor jars DIY
Christmas decor kitchen
Christmas decor kitchen cabinets
Christmas decor kids
Christmas decor kids room
Christmas decor kitchen island
Christmas decor living room
Christmas decor living room ideas
Christmas decor list
Christmas decor lights
Christmas decor luxury
Christmas decor light fixture
Christmas decor lanterns
Christmas decor ladder
Christmas decor minimalist
Christmas decor modern
Christmas decor mantle
Christmas decor modern farmhouse
Christmas decor mirror
Christmas decor mantle fireplaces
Christmas decor neutral
Christmas decor no tree
Christmas decor nails
Christmas decor nutcracker
Christmas decor outside
Christmas decor on a budget
Christmas decor office
Christmas decor office ideas
Christmas decor outside house
Christmas decor porch
Christmas decor pink
Christmas decor photography
Christmas decor photoshoot
Christmas decor party
Christmas decor party ideas
Christmas decor rustic
Christmas decor room
Christmas decor red and white
Christmas decor red
Christmas decor red and gold
Christmas decor room bedrooms
Christmas decor stairs
Christmas decor styles
Christmas decor small space
Christmas decor storage
Christmas decor themes
Christmas decor table
Christmas decor to make and sell
Christmas decor tree
Christmas decor using recycled materials
Christmas decor unique
Christmas decor vintage
Christmas decor vases
Christmas decor vintage ideas
Christmas decor wreaths & garlands
Christmas decor wood
Christmas decor without a tree
Christmas decor with toddlers
Christmas decor Xmas trees
Christmas decor yard
Christmas decor yard decorations
Christmas decor yard ideas
Christmas decor zero waste

Christmas Craft Keywords

Christmas Craft
Christmas crafts
Christmas crafts to sell
Christmas crafts DIY
Christmas crafts for kids
Christmas crafts for adults
Christmas crafts to make
Christmas crafts for gifts
Christmas crafts for toddlers
Christmas craft activities for kids
Christmas craft adult
Christmas craft activities
Christmas craft activities for toddlers
Christmas craft activities for kids
Christmas craft angel
Christmas craft advent calendar
Christmas craft activity
Christmas craft booth display ideas
Christmas craft booth
Christmas craft baby
Christmas craft box ideas
Christmas craft bags for kids
Christmas craft baby footprint
Christmas craft cards
Christmas craft children
Christmas craft cards for kids
Christmas craft classroom
Christmas craft canvas for kids
Christmas craft DIY
Christmas craft decorations
Christmas craft decor
Christmas craft decor ideas
Christmas craft decorations for kids
Christmas craft DIY decorations
Christmas craft display booth
Christmas craft easy
Christmas craft easy kids
Christmas craft egg carton
Christmas craft easy for kids
Christmas craft fair ideas to sell
Christmas craft fair
Christmas craft fair ideas
Christmas craft fair displays
Christmas craft fair best sellers
Christmas craft fair booth display ideas
Christmas craft for grandparent
Christmas craft gifts
Christmas craft gift ideas
Christmas craft gifts for adults
Christmas craft gifts for kids
Christmas craft gifts for kids to make
Christmas craft gift ideas for adults
Christmas craft gift ideas for kids
Christmas craft gifts for grandparents
christmas craft handprint
Christmas craft handprint footprint art
Christmas craft hats for kids
Christmas craft hats
Christmas craft house
Christmas craft headband
Christmas craft ideas
Christmas craft ideas to make
Christmas craft ideas to sell
Christmas craft ideas for kids
Christmas craft ideas for adults
Christmas craft ideas for gifts
Christmas craft ideas for toddlers
Christmas craft ideas for kids easy
Christmas craft jars
Christmas craft kids
Christmas craft kits for kids
Christmas craft kids easy
Christmas craft keepsake kids
Christmas craft kits for adults
Christmas craft lollipop sticks
Christmas craft lights
Christmas craft market
Christmas craft mason jars
Christmas craft market display
Christmas craft night
Christmas craft night ideas
Christmas craft nativity
Christmas craft nature
Christmas craft newborn
Christmas craft ornaments
Christmas craft ornaments for kids
Christmas craft ornaments DIY projects
Christmas craft one year old
Christmas craft older kids
Christmas craft canvas for kids
Christmas craft on canvas
Christmas craft ornaments for toddlers
Christmas craft projects
Christmas craft party
Christmas craft party ideas for women
Christmas craft presents
Christmas craft printables
Christmas craft paper
Christmas craft quilling
Christmas craft reindeer
Christmas craft recycled materials
Christmas craft religious
Christmas craft room
Christmas craft show
Christmas craft show ideas to sell
Christmas craft stall
Christmas craft show display
Christmas craft stall ideas
Christmas craft show ideas
Christmas craft sale ideas make and sell
Christmas craft trends 2021
Christmas craft toilet paper roll
Christmas craft teens
Christmas craft tree
Christmas craft templates
Christmas craft using recycled materials
Christmas craft using kids photos
Christmas craft videos
Christmas craft yarn
Christmas craft yarn tree
Christmas craft yarn for kids
Christmas craft youth

Kids Christmas Keywords

Christmas Kids
Christmas Kids crafts
Christmas kids photoshoot
Christmas kids activities
Christmas kids party
Christmas kids room
Christmas kids gift ideas
Christmas kids crafts easy
Christmas kids activities
Christmas kids art
Christmas kids activities crafts
Christmas kids art projects
Christmas kids arts and crafts
Christmas kids activities party
Christmas kids bedroom
Christmas kids books
Christmas kids baking
Christmas kids breakfast
Christmas kids bedroom decor
Christmas kids basket ideas
Christmas kids crafts
Christmas kids crafts easy
Christmas kids clothes
Christmas kids crafts handprints
Christmas kids crafts gifts
Christmas kids canvas ideas
Christmas kids card
Christmas kids dress
Christmas kids DIY
Christmas kids drinks
Christmas kids decorations
Christmas kids drawing
Christmas kids desserts
Christmas kids decor
Christmas kids DIY crafts
Christmas kids easy crafts
Christmas kids edible crafts
Christmas kids food ideas
Christmas kids footprint crafts
Christmas kids food crafts
Christmas kids favors
Christmas kids gift ideas
Christmas kids games
Christmas kids goodie bags
Christmas kids gifts for parents
Christmas kids handprint crafts
Christmas kids hairstyles
Christmas kids hand and footprints
Christmas kids hamper
Christmas kids illustration
Christmas kids ideas gift
Christmas kids images
Christmas kids jumper
Christmas kids jewellery
Christmas kids jar
Christmas kids juice
Christmas kids keepsake crafts
Christmas kids kitchen
Christmas kids list
Christmas kids meal
Christmas kids nails
Christmas kids outfits
Christmas kids ornaments DIY
Christmas kids ornaments
Christmas kids outfits photo ideas
Christmas kids ornament crafts
Christmas kids outfits boy
Christmas kids photoshoot
Christmas kids party
Christmas kids party ideas
Christmas kids photography
Christmas kids photos
Christmas kids painting
Christmas kids picture ideas
Christmas kids party food
Christmas kids room decor
Christmas kids recipes
Christmas kids scavenger hunt
Christmas kids songs
Christmas kids treats
Christmas kids table ideas
Christmas kids traditions
Christmas kids treats for school
Christmas kids tree
Christmas kids vintage
Christmas kids veggies
Christmas kids wrapping ideas
Christmas kids wreath
Christmas kids yoga

Festive Keywords

Festive outfits Indian
Festive nails
Festive outfits
Festive hairstyles
Festive decorations Indian
Festive afternoon tea
Festive afternoon tea
Festive attire
Festive acrylic nails
Festive baking
Festive banner
Festive birthday cake
Festive Christmas
Festive cocktails Christmas
Festive cookies
Festive decor
Festive dress
Festive decoration
Festive desserts
Festive eye makeup
Festive earrings
Festive eye makeup Christmas
Festive embroidery
Festive food
Festive foliage stampin up cards
Festive foliage cards
Festive gift boxes
Festive gifts
Festive gifting
Festive gel nails
Festive hairstyles
Festive hampers
Festive holiday decor
Festive home decor
Festive illustration
Festive ideas
Festive jewellery
Festive jewellery photography
Festive jumpers
Festive kitchen
Festive lights
Festive lights outdoor
Festive looks
Festive makeup
Festive mood board
Festive makeup Christmas
Festive nails
Festive nail art
Festive nails Christmas
Festive nails winter simple
Festive nails winter sparkle
Festive nails winter holiday party
Festive outfits
Festive outfits Christmas
Festive outfits Christmas party
Festive packaging
Festive photography
Festive photoshoot
Festive recipes
Festive room decor
Festive red nails
Festive season
Festive table setting
Festive treats
Festive tables
Festive table decorations
Festive unicorn
Festive urns
Festive umbrella
Festive wallpaper
Festive wreath
Festive xmas nails
Festive xmas table
Festive xmas cookies
Festive yarn

Advent Keywords

Advent calendar DIY
Advent calendar ideas DIY
Advent activities
Advent activities for kids
Advent activities for families
Advent art
Advent activities for adults
Advent boxes DIY
Advent bags
Advent birthday calendar
Advent bunting
Advent book calendar
Advent calendar ideas DIY
Advent calendar ideas
Advent calendar fillers
Advent calendar pattern
Advent calendar boxes
Advent calendars DIY
Advent calendar DIY what to put in
Advent decorations
Advent DIY
Advent decor
Advent envelopes
Advent envelope ideas
Advent for kids
Advent fillers for kids
Advent fillers
Advent for toddlers
Advent gift ideas
Advent gifts
Advent garland
Advent gifts for adults
Advent gifts for teens
Advent house
Advent ideas
Advent ideas for kids
ideas for families
Advent ideas for adults
Advent journal
Advent messages
Advent numbers
Advent nails
Advent ornaments
Advent ornaments DIY
Advent ornaments for kids
Advent quilt
Advent ring
Advent spiral
Advent tree
Advent table decorations
Advent village
Advent wreath
Advent wreath DIY
Advent wreath ideas
Advent wreath ideas homemade
Advent wreath candles
Advent wreath ideas DIY
Advent wreath craft for kids
Advent Xmas calendar
Advent yarn patterns

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