6 key benefits of using Pinterest for business

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Are you curious about the benefits of using Pinterest for your business? 

You might have heard how some businesses drive the majority of their website traffic from Pinterest, and you’re probably wondering if you could get some of that happening for your brand too.

Let me tell you that YES there are major benefits, and these cannot be matched by any other platform. Unlike Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, pins have a much longer shelf life. They don't disappear in 5 minutes or 5 days and they are there to be discovered until you remove them.

So if you’re on the fence about Pinterest let’s dive into why this lesser-known social sharing platform could be the secret weapon your business needs…

1. Increase brand awareness

Over 400 million people use Pinterest each month to find ideas for their projects, answers to their problems and inspiration for their next purchase.

When you post something to Pinterest, not only will you be reaching a new audience in your home country but you can also expect to reach and build a global audience.

The potential for reach and brand awareness on Pinterest is massive.

And do you want to know the really great thing about reach on Pinterest?

The thing that can not be matched by any other platform?

Your Pinterest audience is hyper-relevant to your brand. Customers will discover you through a search for something specific. This might mean they find a specific pin of yours 2 years after you post it!  Or one of your pins will show up in their feed because Pinterest thinks they’ll like it based on their search history. It knows what they are looking for and wants to show them more ideas.

2. More clicks to your website

More views on your content are inevitably going to lead to more clicks back to your website.

The brilliant thing about standard pins on Pinterest is that they are clickable. This means that you just need to have a great hook on your pin that gets people clicking to your website for more.

Of course, this won’t happen overnight or without the right strategy, but once you have that in place you’ll start to notice a huge difference in your website traffic.

And the best bit?….

3 …Pins are evergreen content!

This means you can literally pin one time and get repeat engagement on that one pin for years to come.

Pinterest pins, in any format, do not disappear. They hang around on Pinterest until you, as the account creator, decide to delete them. Of course, you can’t rock up on Pinterest and drop a single pin and expect thousands of clicks on it for the next 5 years. 

Pinterest rewards creators who are consistently active on the platform. The more fresh content you can create and pin to Pinterest regularly, the more the algorithm is going to show your pins to other people. Your efforts will be rewarded as you reach more people. 

4. Your pins can show up on Google search

How many times have you searched for something on Google and the top-ranking results have been Pinterest pins?

Did I just hear a penny drop?!

It happens a lot, right? (Especially in image search.)

And this is something that many people don’t even consider when they are researching their Pinterest marketing.

The right Pinterest SEO strategy can get your pins ranking on Google AS WELL as Pinterest. 


5. Pinterest for business is the positive platform 

Pinterest is a platform filled with positive content. It's a space where people go to find content that makes them feel good and inspires them. There is no place for bad news and negative comments on Pinterest. 

Pinterest knows that it can be difficult to be creative when you’re surrounded by negativity and comparison, which is why the platform is pulling out all of the stops to be different. ⁠

Pinterest is committed to putting the well-being of its creators first. They are really making their mark with this – Pinterest wants to be known as a safe space for Pinterest users AND creators.⁠

“We lead with kindness and put your well-being as a creator first. See what happens when you create with a kinder community.” ~ Pinterest.com⁠

If you are a heart-centred brand with a positive ethos then you are going to thrive on Pinterest.

6. Increase your sales

With the rise of Idea Pins, product pins and product tagging, selling your wares on Pinterest has never been easier.

Yes, Pinterest has many strengths for eCommerce businesses but please do not be disheartened if you are a service-based business. 

With the right strategy in place, you can definitely increase your sales from your growing Pinterest audience.

You might now be starting to imagine how these benefits will work for your brand. 

Can you picture people discovering your pins repeatedly and falling in love with your images, your advice, and your products?

It’s such an exciting time to be on Pinterest and I’d love to help you!

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