7 Ways to Reduce Social Media Overwhelm In Your Business Today

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Are your social media business profiles starting to overwhelm you? Dealing with social media day to day can often be time consuming and can easily eat into parts of your day that need to be spent on other things.

Here are my top tips for regaining control of your social media marketing.

Take a break

If you are really at crisis point, you’re not enjoying being on social media and your business is suffering as a result then you have my permission to take a breath and have a social media hiatus. It may only be for a day, a weekend or a week (or two!) but sometimes we all need to take a step away to get some clarity on a situation. If you do decide to take a week or two, then try to use the time wisely to get ahead when you do return, check out the next few points to see what you can do.

Drop any platforms that aren’t serving you

You need to use the 90:10 rule here, focus 90% your time and efforts on the platform(s) that you know work and that you do well, and 10% experimenting on other things. This may mean it’s time to ditch the Twitter account that you keep forgetting to post on, or to archive your Facebook group if it isn’t converting to customers. You could use your 10% on trying new types of posts such as video or going Live. Find out more about the 90:10 rule here.

Use a scheduler

I know this is a no-brainer but it can be so easy for something to crop up in your week which means you don’t have time to schedule any content. You then end up winging it daily, trying to think on the go, and posting natively to the platform. Once this starts it can be a hard habit to break again. My best advice to tackle this is to mark out a morning or afternoon in your diary to sit down and schedule your content. Make it a weekly recurring appointment with yourself and choose a scheduler that allows you to post one piece of content to multiple platforms.

3 ways to reduce social media overwhem

Set time limits

A key way to reduce social media overwhelm in your business is to schedule the times that you will be active on your social media platforms into your day. It may be 10 minutes three times a day, 20 minutes two times a day depending on how much time you think you are able to dedicate to this. Be firm with yourself and stick to your plan, set a timer if you need to! I LOVE to use the Forest App as you can plant trees every time you set a timer to create your own forest.

Plan your content in advance

This is a task that ideally should be done once a month, quarterly or by the term if you are a school. Sit down with your business calendar, home calendar and social media dates calendar (I like to use https://www.daysoftheyear.com/) and plot out key dates for your business in a spreadsheet. Decide what content to use on those dates and make a brief note on your spreadsheet. You will then use this spreadsheet to help you with your weekly scheduling.

Repurpose your older content

Great news! If you have social media content that is over a year old then you can start to re-use it. Be careful not to just repost it, even though it is tempting to do this, just try and re-jig it a bit. Maybe update the language, change the picture, add in any changes since you originally made the post. Your audience will have changed in the past 12 months, so don’t worry at all about doing this and adding these repurposed posts into your content plan.

Get some help

If you’ve tried all the above and you are still struggling, then now is the time to start thinking about outsourcing the bits you aren’t enjoying. This could mean outsourcing the daily engagement, content planning, scheduling or the full management of your platforms. A great social media manager will help to drive engagement on your social media and create strategies to convert your followers into customers. Leaving you to work on what you do best!

4 ways to reduce social media overwhelm

If you are interested in learning more about working with a Social Media Manager then take a look at the work with me section of my website to see the packages and prices I offer.

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