8 Ways to stand out on Instagram

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Do you ever feel like you’re getting lost in the noise on Instagram? That there are so many accounts similar to yours that you have to compete with? It can sometimes feel that you’re not being seen, your content isn’t good enough or that you will just never be as successful as that other account you aspire to be like. When you are surrounded by accounts similar to yours (which is bound to happen, hello algorithm!) it’s easy to feel disheartened and frustrated. 

Here are my 8 ways to ensure you stand out from the crowd on Instagram…

1. Be you!

You’ve probably heard this one a lot, but it is so true! No one is you, no one can imitate you and no one can take away your secret sauce. You are the main asset that you have on Instagram, so make sure you work it. Don’t be afraid to show your face, be confident and let your followers get to know you. People buy from people. You are more likely to grow an audience and make sales if you are putting yourself out there!

2. Be different

Easier to say than do I know, but the people who stand out on Instagram are the ones that are being different in some way. They might have an amazing format for their content, they might be great at video, perhaps their product is one of a kind, maybe they are known for doing one particular thing REALLY well. Whatever it is, if you think of an account that you love, the chances are that you know what makes them stand out and why. 

3. Be eye-catching

You need to stop the scroll! This is a great point that Amy Caiger mentioned in my recent Instagram Takeover. If all of your peers are posting a sea of pink and grey (guilty!) then you need to try standing out with an opposing colour scheme that is going to make people stop and notice your content.

4. Have a killer Bio

This is such an important thing to get right. When people visit your profile, your information needs to clearly stand out! Fill this section in thoroughly; tell everyone landing on your profile what you are all about. Include your name, use emojis to demonstrate your personality and include a clear call to action. 

5. Make your comments count

Get out there and comment on other people’s posts. Post comments that add value, show your personality, and will make someone viewing the post want to tap through to your profile. Just to be clear, I’m not talking about swooping in and trying to steal someone’s thunder here, but if you are consistent at showing up with great comments, people are going to want to find out more about you.

6. Have an opinion

Don’t be afraid to have an opinion! We can’t please everyone all of the time, and people value honesty. Giving your opinion reinforces point 1, being you, and if people don’t appreciate your opinion then they aren’t your people.

7. Give value

Your content can give value in a variety of ways, it could be entertaining, informative, educational, community building. Just please be sure that you are posting content that people really want to see, if you are just churning out posts that people aren’t engaging with then it’s time for you to rethink your strategy.

8. Start moving in different circles

If you’re surrounded by people that do the same thing as you and you’re finding it suffocating, then you need to start finding other audiences and communities on Instagram that don’t know many people who do what you do. Once you manage this, you really will start to stand out from the crowd!

So those are my 8 ways to stand out on Instagram, if you can think of more then please add them to the comments below 🙂

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