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You might be wondering the best way to schedule pins with a free Pinterest scheduler. Is it ok to use a 3rd party scheduling app like Tailwind or Canva? Or should you be pinning manually from Pinterest to get the best results?

I’ve been pinning for clients (and myself) using the above methods for several years now, and I’ve experienced the changes to the platform as they’ve happened. So let’s break this down into the essential need-to-know chunks that benefit your business.

Pinterest best practice in 2022

Forget everything you’ve been taught about Pinterest in the past! In 2022 Pinterest wants its businesses and creators to bring fresh ideas, new pin designs and inspiring never-been-seen-before content to the platform.

This means:

  • no multiple repins
  • New URLs
  • Creating Idea Pins
  • Quality NOT quantity

So, if you are thinking of using a scheduler to set your pins to repeat multiple times over the next six months – don’t! This is the worst thing you could do. Pinterest is discouraging this pinning behaviour, which could mean that your reach goes from thriving to barely surviving.

Your guide to fresh pins

As you move forward with your pinning strategy, you need to be creating ‘fresh pins’, which is defined as a pin that has never been seen before on Pinterest.

This could be:

  • A pin with a brand new image (leading to a URL you have already linked to)
  • A pin with the same image but new text overlay (leading to a URL you have already linked to)
  • A pin with a different crop of the same image (leading to a URL you have already linked to)
  • An animated video pin (leading to a URL you have already linked to)

Maintaining your pinning activity

Pinning multiple times a day, and even scheduling that amount is HARD. You need to be able to maintain your pinning activity for the long run, so saying you want to commit to pinning five times a day (which is 35 pins per week!) will leave you burnt out and completely out of love with the platform fast

If this happens, you’ll probably stop your pinning activity before you even start to see the positive results (which can take a few months to build up).

You’ll feel discouraged, fed up with Pinterest, and wondering why it hasn’t worked for you.

You must choose a pinning consistency that feels achievable for you and is not too hard to maintain. You’re a busy business owner, so it’s important to remember that even though you may have time for multiple pins now, will that still be the case in 6 months? 

And, of course, schedulers help make our lives easier, so it’s ok to embrace that fact if it helps you juggle all of your business balls in the long run.

The problem with 3rd party schedulers

Most schedulers that offer Pinterest scheduling have limited functionality compared to pinning directly on the platform. 

  • You can’t add alt text.
  • You can’t tag your products.
  • You can’t category tag scheduled videos.

These things might not sound important to you right now, but when you start to delve deeper into keywords, Pinterest SEO and indexing, you’ll realise that to get the most bang for your buck on Pinterest – you need to optimise EVERYTHING.

Similarly, some schedulers offer the ability to auto-schedule your pins on repeat for months. This is no longer good practice on Pinterest! Yes, you may be pinning 10+ pins a day as a result – but they are all pins that we’ve seen before, and Pinterest is actively discouraging this. You could end up with limited reach and caught up in the Pinterest spam filter, and nobody wants that!

The best free Pinterest scheduler

Not many people realise this – but Pinterest has its own free scheduler that you can use inside the desktop app, and it’s pretty awesome.

Within the Pinterest scheduler, you can:

  • Schedule up to 2 weeks in advance
  • Pin to different boards
  • Add alt text
  • Crop your images to the correct ratio
  • Add your logo to images
  • Add text overlay to images
  • Copy your pins and change the image 
  • Copy your pins and change the title and caption
  • Tag categories into your videos
  • Tag people into your pins

The Pinterest scheduler really comes into its own if you have many beautiful images that you can crop and make simple edits to, right within the app.

How to use the free Pinterest scheduler to publish your pins

I’ve put together a comprehensive guide on using the Pinterest app to schedule your pins on another blog post – read it here.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s easy to get yourself into a 2-weekly scheduling routine that’s easy to maintain.

But wait – are you wondering about repinning your pins to different boards longer than two weeks into the future? I don’t recommend it. I usually will repin the same pin to another board once between 7-14 days apart and leave it at that. (Take another look at the paragraphs about best practice and fresh pins in case you missed them).

If Pinterest wanted you to repin your pins that often, wouldn’t Pinterest offer the functionality to pin further than two weeks in advance?

Next steps

  • Please take a look at my blog and video tutorial for using the Pinterest scheduler.
  • Learn more about how to use Pinterest for your business with my free mini-course
  • Kick-start your account and learn all the good stuff while taking massive action on Pinterest in the next round of my live Pin-Along


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