How has Pinterest changed in 2020?

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How has Pinterest changed in 2020?

The answer is quite a lot! So if you haven't pinned anything this year, read on…

📌 You can still create a Pin but the term ‘repin' has been replaced with ‘save'

📌 Pinterest favours FRESH CONTENT which means that your new pins need to look slightly different each time.

📌 Repinning (or saving) the same pin to multiple boards is no longer good practice

📌 Keyword research is still big news on Pinterest, so make sure you are making the most of your Pins by researching the exact words people are searching for.

📌 Pinterest wants the platform to be the best possible experience for the user, so it's discouraging pinning behaviours that look spammy and repetitive.

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Pinterest has changed a lot in the past year, get up to date with the latest changes in this blog.


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