Is your website ready for Pinterest?

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Is your website ready to receive extra traffic from Pinterest?

It's so important that your website is ready for Pinterest.

Have you been seeing traffic to your website coming from Pinterest, but it's not converting to sales?

Or, perhaps you're just about to get started with your Pinterest marketing and you haven't even thought about what happens when pinners arrive at your website.

The key to a Pinterest Strategy that converts pinners to buyers is having a smooth journey. The steps from pin discovery to product or service purchase need to be friction-free and as easy as possible.

Follow the steps below to be sure your website content is optimised for Pinterest users:

Your website needs to be rich in content

Every pin is an opportunity to drive traffic back to your website. This means that you need to have existing content on your website that you can start pinning right away. OR you need to have plans in place to publish fresh blogs/articles/products on a consistent basis. Pinterest favours fresh content, so the more you can supply new content that hasn't been seen before, the more your pins will get seen in the first place.

Your blogs need a clear call to action

You’ve got the content; your blogs are written and you're about to start creating your pins – but do you have a call to action on that blog that is going to engage your website visitors further? There is no point attracting all of that lovely traffic if there is no natural progression when they land on your website. Try including links to your other blogs or items within the webpage and have opportunities for them to download your lead magnet or sign up to your mailing list.

Make your product easy to buy

Make sure you are linking out to the product page or related collections page of the product in your pin. You really don't want to send people to a page that has different similar products, or a page where they can't purchase the item (a catalogue page for example). To sell your products successfully via Pinterest you need to have an up to date website with a good user interface.

TIP: Pinterest has recently partnered with Shopify, which means that all the techy stuff that comes with managing your Pinterest catalogue is super easy. So if you are thinking of changing your website provider you may wish to consider Shopify. 

Have a decent sales page for your lead magnet

Pinterest is amazing for growing your email list, just please remember to send people to a nice dedicated sales page for your lead magnet. If you're sending people to a basic form then chances are they will not fill it in… You are far more likely to get a higher conversion rate if you have a page that explains the benefits of them signing up for your awesome freebie!

Tech tip 1: Claim your website on Pinterest

Claiming your website is a crucial step when you are running a Pinterest business account. It means that all pins from your website, either created by yourself or others, will be credited to your account and you will see the analytics from all pins that come from your claimed website within the analytics section of your business account.

Tech tip 2: Install Rich Pins

Rich Pins are like normal pins – but better. If something changes on your website, the Rich Pin will automatically update to reflect the change without any input needed from you. There are 3 different types of Rich Pin depending on your content – an article rich pin, a product rich pin or a recipe rich pin.

Tech tip 3: Install the Pinterest Save button on your website

Installing the Pinterest ‘Save Button' onto your website means that people always have the option to save an image straight from your website. This helps to encourage people who are on your site to pin your content directly to one of their boards and share it with their followers.

Tech tip 4: Install the Pinterest Tag

The Pinterest tag is a little bit like your Facebook Pixel. It’s a good idea to install it ASAP so you can retarget visitors to your website if you decide to create promoted pins (also known as Pinterest Ads!).

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