Metricool Review – How I use Metricool as a social media manager

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Are you looking for a social media manager's honest review of Metricool? I’ve got your complete guide to this social media scheduler in this article.

What is Metricool used for?

Metricool is a social media scheduling tool – this means that you can write your social media posts in advance and schedule them to post on your different platforms at any point in the future.

Metricool is incredible value for money, it's cheaper than its rivals, and a huge time-saver. You can plan your social media content in one chunk and sit back while Metricool takes care of the rest!

The first thing that drew me to Metricool was its ability to schedule to a wide selection of social media platforms

It had the platforms I needed and the features I was looking for. Previously, I struggled to find these all together in other social media scheduling tools.

At the time of writing this article (August 2022), you can schedule to the following platforms on Metricool:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Google Business Profile

Metricool Features

Metricool is packed with great features that are helpful to me as a social media manager (and for any business owner who wants to save time scheduling their social media content).

Here are a few of the most helpful Metricool features that I use regularly:

Instagram Grid View

Arguably one of the essential features for scheduling on Instagram is Grid View – the ability to see how your grid will look once the posts have been published. This is an excellent tool for any business that cares about the aesthetic of their Instagram grid.



Hashtag suggestion tool

I LOVE this feature of Metricool! When you are ready to add hashtags to your post, use the hashtags tool to type in some of the words to describe your post and it will generate a list of hashtags for you (simply scroll down to reveal more) complete with post quantities. 

Tip – try to focus on hashtags with LESS existing posts, it will mean you have more chance of being seen.

Simply click on the hashtags you want to use to populate them into your post.

(This tool is also available for Tiktok scheduling as well)

Metricool Canva Integration

This is another time-saving feature from Metricool that you will love as much as I do, especially if you are a heavy Canva user. 

Once you have completed your Canva design, instead of downloading it and re-uploading it to Metricool, you can save it directly from Canva into Metricool!

It’s so easy to do. When you are ready to save your design, click on the share button in the top right-hand corner of Canva – scroll down to ‘more' – scroll down to ‘more options’ – select Metricool.

From here, you can select the images you want to publish, add your caption and select save to send to Metricool.

When the confirmation message pops up, select ‘view in Metricool’ to continue editing and scheduling your post.


Metricool Image Editor

Being able to crop and edit images on Metricool saves me considerable time as a social media manager.

I love how you can crop to the correct ratio for each platform at the click of a button (and without needing to research what it should be). It’s all laid out nice and clearly. 

This tool has many other fun ways to edit images, including filters, stickers, frames and drawings. You can also add pixelated areas if you need to censor any part of your image.

I recommend playing with this feature and making full use of all it has to offer!


Metricool SmartLinks

SmartLinks is a link in bio feature that comes as standard with your Metricool subscription.

It’s straightforward to use and update, and what I love about it, which is unmatched by other schedulers at this price point, is that you can completely customise it to your brand at no extra cost.

You can manually add links as well as auto-create links from your posts.

Ensure you have enabled the global settings below your post information to publish a link with your post.

Metricool Autolists

Autolists is an excellent tool if you have content that you need to schedule on repeat. 

It’s easy to add the details of your posts into your Autolist, set your timing schedule, and you’re good to go!

Take a look at the tutorial on the Metricool website for more about Autolists.

Analytics reports

The Metricool analytics reports are some of the best I’ve seen (and I’ve tried so many social media reporting tools!). They are comprehensive, and you can track historical data from the past 12 months across all your connected platforms, including your website.

If you have a Pro account or a Team account you can download your reports as PDFs or as PowerPoint presentations. With a Team account, the reports are completely customisable with the ability to white label them with your logo at no extra cost (I love this!)

Ads management

I am not an Ads Manager, so I don’t use this feature. However, I know plenty of Ads Managers that do! You can create ads inside Metricool and monitor their analytics. Visit the Metricool website to read more about this.

Metricool Review: How does Metricool compare to other schedulers?

I’ve been managing social media for clients for almost 5 years, and I’ve tried MANY schedulers in that time, paying high monthly fees for the features included in Metricool.

In my opinion, Metricool is an easy-to-use, straightforward scheduler, it does what it says on the tin. 

It may lack some of the intuitive user interfaces that other schedulers have but what is most important to me is that the features of Metricool save me time and money.

The price for what you’re getting in Metricool can’t be matched elsewhere.

Metricool Pricing

Anyone can get started using Metricool for FREE! It’s not a free trial, you can continue to post free forever if you are posting for a single brand (could be your own business or that of a client). 

You can schedule to all platforms with the free account, with the exception of LinkedIn, and you are limited to 50 posts per month.

Upgrading to Pro 5 costs $18 per month and will unlock 5 brands and 2000 posts per month, as well as the hashtag search function and reporting.

Personally, I use Teams on an annual plan, which means my VA can help with my scheduling and works out to be around £30 per month ($35).

Metricool Review: Is Metricool worth it?

100% Yes, Metricool is worth it whether you use the Pro plan, Teams or the free account. 

I’ve been using Metricool for over 12 months and I have no intention of moving elsewhere!

Take a look at the Metricool website and its price plans here.

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