Your Ultimate AI Toolkit for CLICKABLE PINS

Transform your Pinterest presence with the power of AI 🤖

One-time payment — yes, really!

You're spending way too much time CREATING pins (and they still aren't getting views!)


…You would love a process that could save you hours and create BETTER pins than you ever could on your own.

The problem is…

  • You're not 100% sure how to optimise your pins
  • You want to use AI, but you don't know what to ask it
  • You have no idea how to organise the info so it can save you time in the future.

If you’re over there nodding, I’ve got some good news to share: 

There’s a simple way to get the results you want — keep on reading!

Your secret weapon for Pinterest success!

With Pin Wizard AI Toolkit you will be able to:


Create speedy pins: Say goodbye to hours spent on designing pins! With Pin Wizard, you'll get the tools to help you craft AI-powered pins in Canva, giving you more time to focus on growing your online business or blog.


Reach more people: Your fully SEO-optimised pins have the power to be discovered by a wider audience.


Streamline your workflow: Simplify your pin creation process with prompts and tools that guide you every step of the way.

What They're Saying…

I have just gone through the Pin Wizard AI Toolkit and I am now really excited to generate lots of great pins using all the tools Faye has suggested. It will make pinning quicker and my pins will be of a better quality using the title and description generation. Plus really great to see how to use the AI tools in Canva. I highly recommend this course.


I've done it, it's brilliant! Can't wait to start using some of the prompts given to help improve my descriptions etc. And the Canva tips are ace!


Again Faye has surpassed expectations with the Pin Wizard AI Toolkit. Mind completely blown! This will help me in my business enormously. Thank you!!

Jill H

Here's what's Inside the Pin Wizard AI Toolkit

We cover it all in just 76 minutes (divided into bite-sized chunks) so you can dive into planning and creating your pins as quickly as possible.


Stop the guesswork with ChatGPT and let a Pinterest expert guide you to getting the best results for high-performing pins from AI.


Get consistently brilliant results with AI-generated prompts that help you craft unique and SEO optimised Pin content in seconds.


Learn how to use Canva's AI tools to help you craft eye-catching pins efficiently, boosting engagement and driving traffic to your products and services.


The Trello board template will help you to streamline your pin creation process and maintain a structured workflow.


Our Pin SEO Helper Bot analyses keywords, suggests optimisation tweaks, and helps you craft pin descriptions that get your content noticed by the right audience. (ChatGPT4 needed)


Say goodbye to design woes with our Pin Image Generator Bot! Whether you need stunning graphics, eye-catching templates, or on-brand visuals, this AI-powered assistant has got you covered. (ChatGPT4 needed)

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You might be wondering…

What exactly does the PinWizard AI Toolkit do?

The PinWizard AI Toolkit is your go-to digital assistant for Pinterest marketing. It utilises advanced AI to help you craft engaging pin titles, descriptions, and even Pin designs.

Who is the PinWizard AI Toolkit for?

Whether you're a small business owner looking to drive more traffic to your site, a social media manager aiming to amplify your brand's presence on Pinterest, or a content creator seeking efficiency and creativity in your pin creation process, PinWizard AI is designed for you. It's tailored to suit both beginners and seasoned marketers.

How does PinWizard AI ensure the originality of content?

PinWizard AI generates suggestions based on a vast dataset and learns from successful pin strategies. However, the final output is customizable, allowing you to add your personal touch, ensuring that the content not only stands out as original but also resonates with your brand's voice.

Can I use the toolkit for any industry?

Absolutely! PinWizard AI is versatile and adaptable across various industries. From fashion and food to DIY crafts and digital services, our toolkit can tailor content to fit your niche perfectly.

What if I buy the Toolkit and it's not for me?

Because of the instant-access nature of this digital product, there is a no refund policy. Please be confident this is for you before you purchase.

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