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Wave goodbye to the Insta-grind and start creating pins that get seen by your perfect people again and again (and again).

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You want to make sales from Pinterest, here's what you've been told...

❌ Pin at least 10 times a day
❌ Use yet another complicated scheduler
❌ Post to group boards and share other people's pins
❌ Repin your pins multiple times to different boards
❌ Bulk upload a load of pins and then forget about them
❌ Log into Pinterest every day to repin content

But OMG… you are exhausted, aren't you?

When are you actually going to see more traffic to your website?

Or you could use a tested signature process to start ranking on Pinterest Search and getting infront of more of your perfect customer when they need you.

Here is what happens when you do that:

✅ More saves on your pins
✅ More clicks to your website
✅ More sign-ups to your mailing list
✅ More sales of your products or services
✅ Not needing to be present on social media everyday
✅ Embedding a passive income stream into your business
✅ You can ditch the last-minute posts on Instagram
✅ Your content becomes more suited to your audience
✅ Spikes of traffic all year round
✅ Improved Google ranking

I’ll be honest with you:

Getting to this point wasn’t easy

As an online business owner myself, I was constantly searching for ways to build an audience and drive more traffic to my website. I tried all the usual suspects – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – but I always felt like I was swimming upstream, fighting for attention in an overcrowded sea.

But then...

 I started marketing my business on Pinterest, and everything changed

In the beginning I tried:

❌Hunting for the answers on Google, but there was too much conflicting information

❌Buying a course, but I discovered it was out of date pretty quickly and the support was none existant

❌Going it alone and not seeing any significant results

And that's when:

I invested in more supportive programmes and working exclusively with Pinterest clients... I started to see the results I'd been working for so long:

✅ Higher visibilty and increased trust with my audience
✅ More clicks to my website and subscribers joining my list
✅ More sales of my digital products and increased affiliate income

The best thing?

Since embracing Pinterest as my go-to platform, I no longer feel the pressure to post daily on other social channels just to stay visible. Pinterest allows me to plan ahead and create a lasting impact, freeing up my time without sacrificing reach or engagement

Untitled design (1)

But the formula doesn’t only work for me. It also works for my clients.


So how does it exactly work?


The Pinterest success path

The exact steps to increasing your visibility on Pinterest to increase sign-ups and sales.

Welcome to

The PinPower Growth Academy

Say goodbye to the stress of manual marketing and embrace the power of Pinterest to reach, attract, and convert more people to your products and services. 

When you join the PinPower Growth Academy

You'll get instant access to:

Here's a sneak peek of what's inside...

Does this actually work?

I am so convinced of the method and tools shared in this success club because they helped me to completely change the way I market my business.

Who is this for?

👉The PinPower Growth Academy is for two specific people….


The online business who owner sells courses, digital products and memberships that wants to reach a new audience on Pinterest and doesn't know where to start.


The online product business that wants to reach more of their ideal customer and make more sales from Pinterest and doesn't know where to start

If you can check one of these boxes, you’re in the right place!

Join the PinPower Growth Academy!

You don’t need to pin 10x a day, spend hours creating pins every week or log into Pinterest each day to reach your ideal customer when they need you.

With a clear Pinterest strategy your content will become a magnet for people that are an amazing fit for your brand and you'll see an increase in your website traffic, sign-ups and sales.

If you’re asking yourself…

“I already bought so many things that didn’t help me and why do I need the PinPower Growth Academy?”

Then let me tell you this:

Join the PinPower Growth Acacdemy

Go from being overwhelmed and confused about Pinterest ➤➤➤
To a clear framework for getting your pins seen by more of your perfect audience

Stop trying to search Google for information that is time-consuming, out of date, complicated, hard to understand or WRONG and ➤➤➤
Have a simple and clear strategy for success

Stop fighting alone ➤➤➤ get support, feedback, accountability, networking/partnership, and practice opportunities in our amazing members-only community.

Answering all your


A: Absolutely, PinPower Growth Academy is designed with both beginners and more experienced users in mind. If you're new to Pinterest, I'll guide you through setting up your account, creating your first pins, and building a solid strategy. You'll learn at your own pace, and we offer plenty of resources to get you up to speed. With PinPower, you're not just pinning; you're growing 🌱

A: You're not alone; many business owners find the design aspect challenging. That's why PinPower Growth Academy includes comprehensive tutorials on creating visually stunning pins that attract clicks. I'll help you develop a pin design that not only reflects your brand but also performs well on Pinterest. And you'll get fresh Pin templates each month to make the task 100% easier!

A: you don't have to be a tech wizard to excel on Pinterest, especially with PinPower Growth Academy by your side. Our step-by-step tutorials simplify the technical aspects, making them easily digestible. From setting up your business account to tracking analytics, I'll guide you through the process step by stepr. There may be instances that are beyond my help, in which case I'll recommend you speak to a website developer or a member of the Pinterest team. (Please note I do not have direct access to Pinterest!) 

A: Absolutely! PinPower Growth Academy is all about proactive marketing on Pinterest. Instead of constantly reacting to algorithms and updates on other platforms, my strategies empower you to plan ahead and create content that's both engaging and evergreen. You'll learn how to build a strong presence on Pinterest that works for you 24/7, bringing in consistent traffic and leads without the constant need for real-time updates

A: The time and effort required can vary depending on your starting point and business goals. However, one of the best things about Pinterest and PinPower Growth Academy is the focus on creating evergreen content. This means the work you do today can bring results weeks or even months down the line. Generally, members who follow my guidance and dedicate a couple of hours a week to implementing strategies start to see meaningful improvements in traffic and engagement within the first 30-60 days

A: Absolutely! PinPower Growth Academy caters to both digital and physical product sellers. The beauty of Pinterest is its versatility—it's a platform where various types of businesses can thrive. My strategies teach you how to tailor your Pinterest marketing for your specific product type, whether you're selling e-books, courses, apparel, or home goods. With PinPower, you'll learn how to make Pinterest work for you, no matter what you're offering

A: Even if you don't have a website, PinPower Growth Academy can still offer you valuable insights. You'll learn the foundational skills for Pinterest marketing, which will be immensely useful when you're ready to launch your website. Plus, Pinterest can direct traffic to other platforms like Etsy shops or affiliate programs. That said, having a website does unlock the full potential of what Pinterest, and PinPower Growth Academy can do for you.