Pinterest for business 2022: What you need to know

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Are you going around in circles wondering how to best use Pinterest for your business in 2022? Look no further – this article contains everything you need to know about growing your business on Pinterest.

Using Pinterest for Business in 2022

The past couple of years has seen some significant and exciting changes on Pinterest for brands. This also means that techniques that used to be good practice on Pinterest are no longer recommended (for example re-pinning the same pins multiple times).

Pinterest really wants its users to have an inspiring and positive experience on the platform and has introduced some important updates to help maintain that ethos for its brands and content creators.

You need to pin fresh content

Creating fresh content is key to having a successful presence on Pinterest in 2022. Pinterest asks its businesses and creators to produce inspiring content that has not been seen before on Pinterest – but what does this mean exactly?

Fresh URLs

Pinterest loves new URLs, and the more you can share on Pinterest in a consistent and timely manner, the better.

Fresh Pins

A fresh pin is an image that has never been seen before on Pinterest. This means that you can create multiple pins that point back to the same URL, as long as the image on the pin is different.

Inspire your Pinterest audience with Idea Pins

Idea Pins are a new feature on Pinterest, and the platform loves them! They are brilliant for increasing engagement and getting more eyes on the rest of your content.

The format of an Idea Pin is a little like an Instagram Story and TikTok combined, they are a collection of multiple screens that you tap through and they can be an assortment of video, graphics, and photos. 

The wonderful thing that differentiates Idea Pins from Instagram Stories is that they do not disappear. In fact, they will very soon be searchable like all the other content on Pinterest. This means that once you’ve created one, it has the chance to be viewed multiple times by pinners searching for the words in your title and description.

Idea Pins absolutely need to be part of your Pinterest strategy in 2022; the potential for short-term reach and growth for your brand by using Idea Pins is huge.

Idea Pin Tips:

  • Use your own original content
  • Showcase your products, give tips, spark ideas, and share what’s happening behind the scenes
  • Start with an eye-catching video on your first slide
  • Take the viewer of your Idea Pin on a journey by having a beginning, a middle and an end
  • Include a call to action at the end, ask people to follow you for more inspiration, leave a comment or take a look at your latest pins.

Use Pinterest Trends to plan your content

The Pinterest Trends tool is a powerful resource that can help you plan your content and track how people have used keyword search terms across a 12-month period (you can find this tool nestled under your analytics tab).

Simply enter your keyword search terms into the search bar and you’ll see the volume of searches that those words have received over the last year.

You’ll notice there will be key points in the year that those terms are searched for the most frequently. It’s important to take note of these spikes and make sure your keyword-optimised content is ready and waiting to be found. Remember that it can take a while for your individual pins to be indexed for search, so make sure you are posting your pins well in advance when using Pinterest for your business in 2022 (and beyond).

You can use this tool to compare the volume of four search terms at a time. It’s incredibly helpful to compare how keywords are being used and it will also suggest related trends that you might not have considered.

Pinterest for Business in 2022: Shoppable pins

People on Pinterest are 2.2x more likely to say it turns their shopping ideas into reality (vs. Non-Pinterest users who say the same about social media competitors) – Pinterest.com

Pinners are shoppers and they have the biggest budgets out of all the other social platforms, and the main reason for this is because they are intentionally using Pinterest to shop!

It makes sense then that Pinterest is trying to make it as easy as possible for people to shop from the platform. This means that as a merchant, you can upload your catalogue from your website into a shop tab on your profile, and you can even tag your products into your Idea Pins to make it easier for your audience to buy from you.

Pinterest is working hard to enable in-platform shopping a reality in 2022 which means that pinners will be able to complete their purchase with you without even needing to leave the app.

The Pinner Mindset in 2022

When your audience is using Pinterest they are on a journey of discovery. They want to find new ideas, new products, solutions to problems, and new services. Pinners are open to new suggestions and purchase ideas in a way that can’t be matched on any other platform.

Content on Pinterest doesn’t interrupt, it inspires. Tap into your future customer’s emotions and desires with beautiful images and simple words that engage them. You’ll soon find pinners saving your pins, clicking through to your website and purchasing your products or services.

Using Keywords on Pinterest

Keyword optimised pins can drive traffic back to your website for months and even years. When thinking about which keywords to use for your business, it’s important to think of what your ideal customers are actually searching for to gather new ideas. 

Quite often they will be using simple language and broad search terms as they begin their planning, which may then lead to more specific search terms as they narrow down the features they are interested in. 

To find the keywords your customers and clients are searching for, simply enter a keyword term into the Pinterest search bar to see which other associated words come up. The list that appears will be the most popular keyword searches, relating to your original search term, that pinners are entering into Pinterest. Take some time to research your keywords and make sure you are using them in your pin titles and pin descriptions.

Pinterest pins: What you need to know

Standard Pins

  • Easy to click through to your website
  • Work hard for you in the long-run
  • Include your logo & website on the image
  • Experiment with styles
  • Use simple, beautiful imagery 
  • Keep text clear and easy to read
  • Include a call to action on your image
  • 1000 x 1500 px

Video Pins

Video Pins are created in exactly the same way as a standard pin, but your upload is a video and not a still image.

  • A little more tricky to click through to your website
  • Quicker to be indexed for search
  • Use video OR stickers & animated text on your pin
  • Include your logo & website in the video
  • Prioritised in search
  • 1000 x 1500 px

Idea Pins

  • NO click-through to your website
  • Immediate reach and traction
  • Brilliant for attracting new followers
  • They don't disappear & will also be searchable in the future
  • Use a mixture of video & still image
  • Do not include your website anywhere on the pin
  • Keep your branding subtle
  • Tag your products into your Idea pin using the mobile app
  • 1080 x 1920 px

Next Steps

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How to use Pinterest for your business in 2022


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