Pinterest Management

Hand your Pinterest Management over to an expert and start getting quality traffic into your funnel, faster.

Do you have a successful course, programme, membership or digital product, and just need a little help getting it in front of the right people?

✨ You understand the power of Pinterest and you want to have pins that perform for your business again and again.

✨ You would love Pins that continue to drive quality traffic back to your website and funnel for months and years into the future (and you might have already had some success with this).

✨ You’re wondering what possibilities could be achieved if you had a Pinterest expert managing your account for you.

98% of Pinterest users have tried something new they discovered on Pinterest… significantly higher than the 71% social media average

Stop wasting time!

⏰ When you’re a busy business owner, sometimes taking the DIY approach can be the hardest and most time-consuming path to take, especially when that half-completed Pinterest course you looked at in 2019 is already out of date.

⏰ It can leave you feeling uncertain and confused and take up far too much headspace when you need to be focussing on other things in your business.

⏰ Perhaps your Pinterest is absolutely rocking but the time it takes to manage your account is taking far too much of ‘you’ away from your biz.

I can help you!

✨ By managing your Pinterest account for you, I can help free up your valuable time and headspace and you can feel confident in knowing that Pinterest is going to become a traffic generating machine for your website.

✨ Unlike other social media platforms, where the lifetime value of a post is very limited, your Pinterest pins will perform for you again and again for months… and years!

✨ The sooner I get started managing your account, the sooner you start to see those subscribers and buyers rolling into your website.

Faye has helped me revive my dormant account and warm it up ready for the launch of something new. Now I don't have to do my own pinning, it's like gaining an extra day or two in my week!

Laura Robinson, Worditude

The lifespan of a pin lasts months and even years. By deciding to outsource your Pinterest management now you can enjoy repeat traffic to your website without the daily stress, long into the future.

Who Am I?

Faye Strange working

Hi, I'm Faye! I'm a Pinterest expert and experienced social media manager. My roots lie within Fine Art (I was an Art teacher for five years) before I transitioned to project managing national educational activities for schools for a well-known charity. It was here I dipped my toes into using social media for business and I haven't looked back - I’ve been running my Social Media Marketing agency for over 5 years, and in that time I've helped hundreds of businesses with their social media strategies.   

Pinterest is my favourite platform for driving quality traffic back to my client’s websites, I’ve seen the dramatic results it can bring to a business and I want to share that success with you too!


What's included in your Pinterest Management Package?

Unlike other Pinterest management services you may have seen, my packages contain all Pin creation and any paid-for scheduling software. This means that once we’ve completed our on-boarding process you won’t need to do anything else

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Pinterest strategy and full account optimisation – so more people discover your account and content in Pinterest Search

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1x daily on-brand fresh pin (7 days per week) – to keep the Pinterest algorithm happy and to create trust with your followers

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Keyword research and search optimised captions & titles

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3x Idea Pins per week – important to please the Pinterest algorithm and build your audience & brand awareness.

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Monthly reporting – to monitor what's working so we can identify if any changes need to be made

from £800 per month (3 month minimum sign-up)

Faye is great if you want to hand over your Pinterest account to someone who can make it work harder than if you were doing it alongside EVERYTHING else.

Ruth Holly

Pinterest management next steps… What to expect

📌 Once you've submitted your enquiry using the form below I'll reply to you via email within 24 hours. 

📌 You will receive a questionnaire from me so I can find out more about your business and your Pinterest goals

📌 When you submit your questionnaire I will then invite you an introductory Zoom call or we can continue to chat over email depending on your preference.

📌 I will send you your proposal, based upon our discussion and your business needs

📌 When you are ready to get started we'll agree my start date and I'll send you my new client welcome pack with your contract and first invoice (invoices are payable in advance each month).

📌 I'll spend the first 3 weeks completing an introductory audit, optimising your account, tidying up your boards, conducting keyword research and preparing your Pinterest Strategy.

📌 Regular pinning will begin at the start of week 4 🎉 

Other Related Services

Pinterest Course contents

Pinterest Account Review

Get my eyes on your Pinterest account within ten working days. Receive a video audit talking through improvements you can make to your profile, as well as content and keyword strategy ideas for your business. You'll receive the video and a PDF of my recommendations.


VIP Pinterest Set-Up and Training

For brands starting out on Pinterest or returning after a break. This 3-month package includes full account setup (or tidy-up), strategy and training for yourself or a team member to take over and run.


If you'd like to explore your options please get in touch with me here

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Pinterest Monthly Management

from £800pm

 Pinterest Strategy

Account Optimisation

Beautiful Pin Creation

Daily Fresh Pins

Weekly Idea Pins 

Keyword Optimisation

Monthly Reporting



Q: How long will it take for me to see results?

A: Pinterest is a long-burn and it can take typically between 3 – 6 months for your account to warm up and start pulling in traffic to your website. Once the traffic starts coming in you’ll see the difference in your Google Analytics.

Q: I don’t have many blogs on my website, can I still use your service?

A: That depends on if you are planning on creating new ones while I’m working on your account… Pinterest favours regular fresh content, and this includes links to your website – so the more fresh blogs or products you can provide, the better. If you don’t have much content and your website isn’t optimised for Pinterest then I may suggest that you improve those areas before we can begin to work together.

Q: I don't know if my business is right for Pinterest

A: When you get in touch with me, we'll have a chat about your business and your ideal customers/clients to decide if Pinterest is worth your time. You can also read my blog to help you decide. 

Q: I’m not sure if I need someone to do it for me or if I should do it myself

A: That’s why it’s a good idea for us to have a quick chat first, if you do decide to DIY then I can help you get up to speed with one of my other services.