Pinterest Trends 2021: Pinterest for Business

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Each year in December Pinterest publishes it’s trend predictions for the year ahead. Pinterest Trends 2021 has just been published and small business growth and planning feature on their emerging trend list! This is great news for small businesses 🙌. Pinterest is going to be an important platform for small business in 2021. So, if you haven’t dabbled in Pinterest before, now is the time to start!

What does the Pinterest Trends 2021 report say about business?

“CEO IS THE NEW DIY” (pinterestpredicts.com) You may think that Pinterest is just a tool for planning the colour scheme of your new kitchen or for getting recipe ideas for your fussy toddler. Increasingly, it is also becoming a destination for people starting, and planning the growth of their business. It’s not just a platform for planning your DIY, it’s for business builders too!

Pinterest Trends 2021 Business Search Terms

Pinterest is a powerful search tool, which is why keyword research is incredibly important in your Pinterest strategy. You need to use keywords in your pins, on your pin titles and in your pin description. By doing this Pinterest can show your content to the people that are searching for those terms. These are the trending search terms that Pinterest has highlighted in their 2021 trend report: 📌 Branding your business (105% increase in searches) 📌 Podcast design (130% increase) 📌 Entrepreneur motivation (searches have doubled) 📌 Accounting basics (150% increase) 📌 Small business ideas (90% increase)

Other trending topics related to small business:

These are other areas that I've pulled out of the report that small businesses may be able to utilise in their own blog content and pin inspiration. ➡️ Teaching beginners skills from scratch ➡️ Digital aesthetics (creating wallpapers, cover photos etc) ➡️ Planning and creating the perfect “Cloffice” – which means is a closed-off home office as opposed to a large open space, a means of survival if homeworking in 2020! ➡️ Athflow fashion (professional, stretchy and comfy clothes) There are so many other trending topics in the Pinterest Trends 2021 report that I haven't mentioned here. There will be more than one relevant to you depending on the nature of your business.

What do these trends mean for my business?

During 2020 more and more people turned to Pinterest for business inspiration. It’s a visual platform designed specifically for discovery and planning. A single pin can have a shelf life of years if you get the keyword research right (as opposed to other social media platforms where they can disappear in minutes!).  This is excellent news if you have a business with a regular blog and lots of valuable content already on your website. But don’t worry if you don’t have any existing content to pin! As long as you have plans to create new blogs and content to upload to Pinterest, you can start creating your Pinterest strategy for 2021. The Pinterest Trends 2021 report states that more people are searching on Pinterest for business ideas and strategies. This means that there is a growing audience on Pinterest waiting to discover your content.

Fresh Content

There were a few changes to Pinterest in 2020, I’ve outlined them in this blog, but in short, Pinterest is placing an emphasis on fresh content and fresh pins. This means that repinning the same pin multiple times is no longer good practice. Pinterest wants their user experience to be relevant and of value, not spammy. To be successful on Pinterest in 2021 you need to invest the time into getting your strategy in place with fresh content and fresh pins. This means: ✅ Posting fresh content on a regular basis with new pins every time you share a single link ✅ Being active on the platform daily ✅ Using the emerging trends within your content so you can maximise potential exposure ✅ Doing your Pinterest keyword research to ensure your pins are visible to the people searching for content like yours ✅ Using Tailwind and Tailwind tribes to bolster your success on the platform

Start now!

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