Pinterest Trends for Business 2022: Find out exactly what your customers are looking for

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Pinterest has published its predicted trends for 2022 and it's an inspiring eye-opener for any business owner.

In this article, I’ve picked out some of the most relevant search terms for businesses, so all you need to do is think of how you can apply them to your business.

No more posting (or pinning) and hoping – it's time to do the research into what your audience is looking for!

The list of predicted Pinterest Trends this year is much longer compared to 2021. It's well worth your while taking a moment to read it all over and making notes of the searches that could be relevant to your business.

Scroll down to find out exactly what people are typing into Pinterest. If you sell any of these products or services or they are relevant to your business, you can easily grow your profile on Pinterest.

But first…

What are Pinterest search trends and why are they important?

People use Pinterest to plan for the future. That means we know what’s next. In fact, 8 out of 10 of our predictions for 2021 came true.” Pinterest.com

When you get to know Pinterest, you’ll understand that it’s an extremely powerful visual search engine. Pinterest describes the platform as being “like a visual search engine, guiding people to ideas that are just right for them”. 

This means that if you’re going to get serious about marketing your business on Pinterest, you need a different approach than you would typically use for Instagram or Facebook.

By using trending keyword terms in your content and your pins, you’re opening yourself up to being discovered by so many more people.

Of course, you need to remember to always keep your wording relevant, and not just use some random keywords for the sake of it!

So what’s going to be trending in your niche this year? You’ll notice the increase in search quantity next to each search term, this has been collected over an analysis period from Oct 2019 – Oct 2021. 

Let’s take a look at what the trends are sector by sector…

Business and Finance Pinterest Trends for 2022

  • Investment tips+195%
  • Passive income tips+35%
  • Financial education+155%
  • Financial planning bullet journal+90%
  • Investment property for beginners+45%
  • Art business ideas+75%
  • Party rental business ideas+95%
  • Mobile business ideas+100%
  • Eyelash business ideas+60%
  • Becoming a Realtor+135%
  • Creative retail display+18x
  • Farmers market display ideas+5x
  • Restaurant ceiling ideas+3x
  • Vintage shop fronts+3x
  • Grand opening ideas business decorations+3x

Fashion & Beauty Pinterest Trends for 2022

  • Rainbow dress women +2x
  • Fuschia dress outfit +4x
  • Electric blue outfit +140%
  • Vibrant outfits +16x
  • Gradient dress +95%
  • High puff hairstyles+165%
  • Space buns natural hair+100%
  • Two puffs natural hair hairstyles+65%
  • Short natural hair styles+185%
  • Natural hair bun styles+160%
  • Bob cut wigs+3x
  • Octopus haircut+2x
  • Shaved head dye designs+12x
  • Short hair mohawk+2x
  • Mullet hairstyle+190%
  • Checkerboard nails+165%
  • Checkered suit men+95%
  • Lounge lingerie+96x
  • Transparent nightgowns+5x
  • Mens pyjamas+2x
  • Silk nightgown aesthetic+8x
  • Satin nighty+2x

Home & Decor Pinterest Trends for 2022

  • Round pool deck ideas+170%
  • Curved couch living room+3x
  • Curved walls interior+4x
  • Curved bar design+140%
  • Curved kitchen island ideas+3x
  • Clockwork aesthetic+55%
  • Oversized clocks wall decor+7x
  • Biophilic architecture+150%
  • Biophilic office design+3x
  • Biophilic design bedroom+100%
  • Staircase garden+175%
  • Floral ceiling+3x
  • Rage room+150%
  • Music themed rooms+2x
  • Crystal room+8x
  • Tiny library room+12x
  • Home massage room+190%
  • Checkered rug+4x
  • Checkered tile floor+5x
  • Luxury laundry room ideas+11x
  • Luxury basement ideas+2x
  • Luxury gaming room+2x
  • Luxury garage interior+5x
  • Luxury kids bedroom+2x

Pet Pinterest Trends for 2022

  • Catify your home+4x
  • Cat house design+4x
  • Luxury cat room+3x
  • Luxury dog room+115%
  • Dog beds made from furniture+2x

Cake Pinterest Trends for 2022

  • Gravity-defying cake ideas+70%
  • Unusual cakes+2x
  • Art cake ideas+3x
  • Bubble cake ideas+55%
  • 3D cake ideas+60%

Trending in the UK

  • Pink gin drip cake
  • Chocolate drip cake birthday
  • Jelly art cake
  • Drip cake ideas for men

Celebration Pinterest Trends for 2022

  • Adoption party theme+30%
  • Divorce party ideas+55%
  • Adopt a pet birthday party ideas+85%
  • Breakup cake+2x
  • Empty nest photoshoot+40%
  • High tea food ideas+4x
  • Vintage tea party+70%
  • Tea party aesthetic+2x
  • Butterfly pea tea+70%
  • Drinking tea pose+2x
  • Sunshine baby shower theme+110%
  • Sun themed birthday party+3x
  • Star themed party+140%
  • Moon party decorations+140%
  • Moon wedding dress+180%

Travel Pinterest Trends for 2022

  • Lake resort+2x
  • Small pontoon boats+90%
  • Lake trip outfits+3x
  • Lake home plans+40%
  • Summer lake aesthetic+180%
  • Best all inclusive resorts+2x
  • Resort vacation outfits+60%
  • All inclusive wedding packages+80%
  • Resort aesthetic+2x
  • US Virgin Islands all inclusive+70%

Health and Wellbeing Pinterest Trends for 2022

  • Floating aesthetic+170%
  • Lazy workout in bed+135%
  • Daily stretching routine+80%
  • Walking in nature+95%
  • Simple dance moves+150%
  • How to protect your energy+60%
  • How to raise your vibration+145%
  • Spiritual awakening stages+4x
  • Aura colors+36x
  • Frequency healing+35%
  • Follicular phase+70%
  • Luteal phase+40%
  • Period care+3x
  • Menstrual cycle chart+95%
  • Period starter kit+85%


Classroom Pinterest Trends for 2022

  • Eucalyptus classroom decor+2x
  • Forest classroom+190%
  • Sunshine classroom theme+80%
  • Calming classroom decor+150%
  • Nature-themed classroom+185%

What next?

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