Social Media Content Ideas for Christmas And December

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Content ideas for Christmas and December can be difficult if you have a service-based business. So if you are looking for some inspiration for your content then look no further… Here is an early Christmas gift from me to you! 🎅

This list of content ideas will be helpful to most businesses, but particularly for service-based businesses and entrepreneurs that don't have products to sell during the festive period.

21 Social Media Content Ideas for Christmas And December

  1. What are your Christmas working hours? Make these clear and accessible so people know when they can get in touch with you
  2. Will your business be closed over the holidays? Make this known, give a clear outline of when your business will be closed.
  3. Start a Christmas Countdown. You could put a countdown sticker onto your photos to show how many days there are to go or make it into a bigger content theme for the whole month, or part of the month.
  4. Are you sending Christmas gifts to your clients? Create a post to show how much you care about your clients.
  5. Are you giving to any charitable causes? Explain what they are and why you are giving.
  6. What would the top 3 Christmas gifts be to someone in your profession? Let your followers know what’s on your wish-list, it might inspire them with a gift idea for someone else.
  7. Are there any changes or trends in your specialism that clients and potential clients need to be aware of this month? Let them know what these could be and why they are important.
  8. Your top 3 tips for December in relation to your business. For example, as a Social Media Manager, I would explain how 1, December is quite quiet on Instagram 2, People are on social media to shop and get ideas and 3, Now is a good time to start planning content for 2021 to ease yourself into the New Year.
  9. Christmas music you are listening to. This could be made into a fun video or Reel.
  10. Why you love Christmas. Share your personal thoughts about Christmas (or even what you don’t like about it)!
  11. What Christmas means to you/your business. Is this the busiest or quietest time of year? Does it have any significance to you?
  12. Support other local businesses or businesses you work with and share their seasonal offers. Remember to tag them into your posts and stories.
  13. What are you looking forward to in 2021? It might be some events you are looking forward to, you might have certain goals for 2021 or you might just be glad to see the back of 2020!
  14. What advice would you give to people for the start of the new year in relation to your business? What should they be focusing on at the start of 2021? How can you help them?
  15. What are the 3 main things that you have learned in 2020? Tell your followers about them.
  16. What are you thankful for this Christmas? However big or small, people will be able to relate.
  17. Highlight any causes and issues that are close to your heart that may be struggling at Christmas. Explain why they are important to you and why you are sharing them.
  18. Throwback to a previous Christmas. How have things changed for you since then?
  19. Christmas Jumper Day! (8 December) Have some fun showing off your jumper(s), maybe try a Reel or a video.
  20. Decorating your workspace, show off that tinsel! Are you a traditional red and gold type person or does anything go? 
  21. Rewrite a well known Christmas song with lyrics that apply to your business. This could be a really fun post, or you could hit a more serious tone.

Now you've got your content ideas, what do you do next?

Try creating a variety of different posts to engage your community, from images and graphics to video and Reels. And of course, don't expect your content to do all your heavy lifting – you need to be out there engaging with other accounts as well to get the maximum reach and engagement for your own content.

Schedule your Christmas content

Organise your content in advance so you can sit back and enjoy the season without worrying about when you are going to post your content. My recommended scheduler is Metricool, I love how easy it is to schedule content, and it's great value for money compared to other schedulers I've used in the past. Read my full review of Metricool here.

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If you’re still struggling with your own content and you would like 1:1 help get in touch with me at hello@strangesocial.com.

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