Thrivecart & Thrivecart Learn Review: Is Thrivecart Worth It?

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Thrivecart & Thrivecart Learn Review 2023.

Are you thinking about using Thrivecart or Thrivecart Learn for your business?

The process of navigating online selling and deciding which course creation software to use can be overwhelming. It took me so long to decide which sales platform and course platform to use for my business!

There are so many options out there it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

This is my Thrivecart and Thrivcart Learn review which I hope will help you make a more informed decision about the platform and save you some precious time making your decision.

What is Thrivecart and Thrivecart Learn?

Together Thrivecart and Thrivecart Learn make a powerful selling and course-creation tool.

All Thrivecart users currently receive Thrivecart Learn for FREE! At the moment Thrivecart (including Thrivecart Learn) is available for a one-off special price of $495.

Let's start by taking a look at Thrivecart…

What is Thrivecart used for?

Thrivecart is an easy-to-use sales cart software – meaning you can create sales pages and checkout pages for your digital products and services. It's a versatile tool that can even be used for free products (a lead magnet, for example).

Thrivecart automates everything from the initial payment, invoice and receipt to triggering your email workflow and delivering your product after your customer or client completes the purchase.

If you have also purchased Thrivecart Learn as your LMS (Learning Management System) then you can add new students straight to their course at the point of sale. Scroll further down to read my Thrivecart Learn review.

What are the benefits of using Thrivecart for selling?

There are a number of benefits to using Thrivecart including…

  • Add order bumps and upsells to increase your revenue
  • Drag and drop checkout page creation
  • Easy to create coupon codes
  • Auto calculate sales tax based on purchase location
  • Creating your own affiliate programme
  • Mailerlite/Mailchimp integration (see a full list of integrations on the Thrivecart website)

How does Thrivecart work?:

I use Thrivecart with my WordPress website for my digital products, courses and services. I link to the sales page or checkout cart on Thrivecart through a button on my website.

When the prospective client or customer clicks on the button they are taken to the relevant Thrivecart form to complete their purchase. 

Thrivecart integrates with the major payment processors including Stripe, PayPal, ApplePay, and GooglePay and you can also offer subscriptions, split pay and pay your own price. 

Once payment has been received, my client is automatically sent their invoice and they are added to the course within Thrivecart Learn or sent details of the next steps via an email sequence that has been triggered in Mailerlite.

You can even set up retargeting options in Thrivecart if you want to serve past customers with ads for your new products.

Reasons you might need Thrivecart

  • You are selling (or want to sell) digital products via your website
  • You want a powerful central hub to control your sales
  • You don’t want to sell via a site like Etsy or Amazon
  • You want the ability to create sales pages, fast!
  • You don’t want to be tied to a monthly subscription (Thrivecart is a one-time fee)
  • You want to start offering sales bumps and tripwires into your sales funnel

Creating Thrivecart checkout and sales pages

Creating and selling your products through Thrivecart is an easy step-by-step process. Setting up a product cart or sales page is easy thanks to the easy-to-use user interface.

Drag-and-drop elements make the checkout editor so easy to use, and once you've created a template, you can replicate it for every sales cart you make by clicking a button.

You can also adjust your SEO settings, select your social share icon, and optimize the page for mobile viewing within the checkout editor. 

There are so many additional options and features within the Thrivecart sales page editor to help you clinch the sale, including:

  • Guarantee seals
  • FAQ boxes
  • Countdown timer
  • Testimonial boxes

Using Thrivecart with WordPress

It’s really easy to use Thrivecart with WordPress. Once you have created your sales page you will be given a link that you can then embed into a button on your site. 

You can also create embeddable checkout forms that you can put directly onto your site with HTML code or create a pop-up, all within Thrivecart.

Using Thrivecart with Mailerlite

The Mailerlite integration with ThriveCart is seamless.

I have different groups set up in Mailerlite which have pre-written sequences depending on which product has been purchased. This means that once the purchase has been made, Thrivecart will trigger my email sequence.

In addition, I have groups set up for people who complete the checkout form but do not complete the purchase process. I can then contact those people individually if I wish.

Can you build a course in Thrivecart?

Yes! You can build your course in Thrivecart Learn.

What is Thrivecart Learn?

Thrivecart Learn is an intuitive platform where you can host your courses or digital products, and it requires your students or clients to log in to access their materials. 

Thrivecart Learn is included free when you purchase Thrivecart, and you can upgrade to Learn plus to unlock more advanced features.

What are the different features of Thrivecart Learn?

Thrivecart Learn has a whole host of features and is a great option for any course creators who are just beginning to produce learning material.

Likewise, I know of many course creators who have moved to Thrivecart Learn from other platforms because of how easy it is to use, and because there is no monthly payment.

Here are a few of the main features of the platform:

Thrivecart Learn

  • Student dashboard customisation
  • 3 types of course layout options
  • Registration & login page customisation
  • Video elements & page builder


  • Student tagging
  • Advanced sequences
  • Custom domains
  • Importing students
  • Timed access to courses
  • Content dripping

How do Thrivecart and Thrivecart Learn work together?

This is where the magic happens.

No need for zaps or faffing about importing students.

Customer access to Thrivecart Learn is automatically granted as soon as they purchase their product, and Thrivecart emails them their login instructions.

How much does Thrivecart cost?

At the moment Thrivecart (including Thrivecart Learn) is available for a one-off special price of $495. You can lock in this offer using this link:

Get the special price


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