Valentines Day Hashtags

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Valentines Day Hashtags

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us! This means that businesses are already posting about their Valentines offers on social media. To help you with yours, I’ve put together two sets of hashtags to use on Instagram for Valentines Day 2021.

You will see that I've created a set of hashtags focused on the traditional aspects of Valentines Day. I have also researched a set for Galentines Day, which is an alternative celebration of Valentines Day. This is quite a popular alternative (when a group of girlfriends get together to celebrate their friendship) and it is well worth exploring if it is relevant for your business.

A heart to demonstrate valetines day

Both hashtag lists include a good mix of popular hashtags, and hashtags that are not used so frequently. I've done this for a couple of reasons; firstly, the hashtags that aren't used so much give your posts a much longer lifespan. Secondly, It's always wise to use a couple of popular hashtags to help give your post a little boost. just be prepared for your content to disappear quickly from that hashtag search.

You may even be able to incorporate both aspects of Valentines Day into your planning over the next couple of weeks!

Both lists below include 20 hashtags ready for you to copy and paste. This will leave you ten spare to describe your product and to target your audience. Remember that you are allowed a maximum of 30 hashtags on Instagram! My advice is to use all of them, but you may have your own techniques that work best for your account.

Traditional Valentines Day Hashtags

#valentines_day  #valentinesdecor  #valentinespecial  #valentinesdaygift  #valentinesday2021

#valentinestreat #valentinesurprise #valentinesdaycards #valentinesideas #valentinesweek 

#valentinesdinner #valentinestreat #valentinesnight #lovewins #loveisloveislove #loveislife 

#loveisallyouneed #loveisbeautiful #mylovestory #soinlovewithyou

Galentines Day Hashtags

#galentinesday #galentines #galentine #happygalentinesday #ifyoulikeitthenyoushouldaputaringonit 

#allthesingleladies #girlfriendship #girlfriendsforlife #girlfriendsbelike #girlfriendsquad #bestfriendsever 

#bestfriends4life #girlsquad #celebratefriendship #happinesseverywhere #girlpowered #alternativevalentines 

#sisterhood #friendtime #truefriends

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