What is a fresh pin? Pinterest tips for Business.

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You might have heard the term ‘fresh pin' being talked about A LOT in terms of Pinterest content, especially after recent changes on the platform, but what exactly is a fresh pin?


Never seen before on Pinterest

A fresh pin is defined as an image or video that's never been seen before on Pinterest. Pinterest wants businesses and content creators to bring original and unique content to the platform. And this filters all the way down to how our individual pins look.

Pinterest really does NOT want any spammy content on the platform. They have strict content controls and repetitive pins are a definite no-no.

Fresh pins best practice

By all means, yes, you can go ahead and create multiple pins for one URL – just remember to create a new image for each pin you upload. You can even reuse the same description and title (but try and switch them up a little bit if you have time).

Fresh content

Pinterest is increasingly becoming a platform where creators shine. It's an opportunity to showcase your content in a variety of different ways (stories, video, still images, graphics) and producing fresh URLs to share on Pinterest NEEDS to be part of your strategy.

Pinterest loves fresh content, and the more you can provide on a regular basis, the better the results are going to be for your account. ❤️

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