What Is a Social Media Community?

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Do you keep hearing people say that you’ve got to build a community on social media to achieve success? That having one is the answer to unlocking all those sales you are dreaming of?

But maybe you aren’t quite sure what they mean by ‘community’. 

It can sometimes be a confusing idea to grasp. Let me iron out some FAQ's about what a social media community is and why it's important…

Q: I’ve been religiously putting out content to attract followers. Does that mean I am building my community on social media?

A: You are creating the building blocks of an audience, but if you aren’t actively engaging with your followers regularly then no, you are not building a community. 

Q: Is my social media community the same as my follower count?

A: Please don’t get your follower count confused with community. Unless you are actively engaging with the people that follow you (for example, do you even follow people back?) then these are just people that might see your content. You are more likely to get more sales by engaging with the followers you already have, than by trying to get new ones.

Q: Can a community only exist in a Facebook Group?

A: No. A community is usually focussed in one place, either in a Facebook Group, over on Twitter, Instagram or any other online platform. Whether you choose to focus on a Facebook group or on your Instagram community is up to you, but think carefully about the best platform as you need to invest most of your time on it and in it.

Q: What is the purpose of a community? 

A: The ultimate goal for focussing on building a community and a ‘tribe’ is to gather trust in you, your brand and your ability as the expert in your field. Having an engaged community that loves what you do is the best way to sell your services or products, and they will even help to grow your group and build your following as they recruit their friends.

Q: How much work do I need to put into a community?

A: A community needs to be nurtured, grown and fed from the ground up. These are the people you need to communicate with day in and day out, and NOT just posting content. I mean talking to, engaging with and taking an interest in their lives/their struggles/their wins.

Q: Does a community happen spontaneously?

A: Sometimes a community can happen spontaneously and on its own, but it’s rare. A community can be born independently from the love of a product or brand, and this is (mostly) a dream come true for product-based businesses. However, it’s in the brand’s best interest to take control of their community and establish it first. 

Q: Why should I focus on building a community on social media?

A: Imagine a group of people that are united by their love of your product. In fact, they love your products so much they search for Facebook Groups to talk about your amazing creations. They want to share their photos, wait for your new releases and create FOMO. This doesn’t happen overnight, but there’s no reason why you can’t achieve the same level of excitement about your products and services if you know how to do it right.

Next Steps

In my next blog I'll be sharing the steps you can take to start nurturing your own online community. In the meantime, come and find me on Instagram and LinkedIn, I'd love to connect with you there.

If you're struggling with your own community and you would like 1:1 help, please feel able to book a free 30-minute call with me. We can have a chat about the problems you are having and discuss ways that I can support you.

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