Which Instagram Interaction is the most important?

by | Jan 20, 2020 | 2 comments

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If you check your individual post analytics, you will know that there are five different types of Interaction on a grid post on Instagram: Likes, Comments, Shares, Saves and Profile Views. But which Instagram interaction is the most important?

Let me explain a little bit about each one…


If your content stands out to someone, they will like it. This is the most common interaction and the one that people usually measure the success of their post by. The more likes you get, the more chance you have of expanding your reach and getting seen by more people. This is a vanity metric, it’s the only one people see. Your followers have no idea how much engagement you are getting from the interactions that give you the real insights into your post (see points 2 – 5).


If your post really engages the person looking at it, they may decide to comment. You can make it easier for people to comment by asking them a question or by telling them to reply with a yes or a no (or any other one-word answer). The more comments you get, the more likely it is that more people are going to see your post. This is why it’s important that you respond to any comments you receive!


This is when your post is shared to someone’s story or sent as a DM to another Instagram user. This is such an important interaction as it means that your content is being put in front of someone else’s audience and could result is hundreds (or thousands) more eyes on your post. So, that one interaction could potentially lead to a much larger reach with more likes and followers as a result.


When someone saves your post, they have found your content so valuable that they need to save it to look back on it in the future. This improves the longevity of your post and also points out what type of content your audience is finding the most valuable. Saves are also tipped to be the metric the algorithm is using to determine how much reach your post gets, and even if it should rank on the Explore page. Later has a great blog about how to get more saves HERE.

Profile Visits

This is the number of times someone has viewed your profile from that post. To me, this is the most important metric. Something in your post has triggered a need for them to see your profile and the rest of your content. From here, they can decide to follow you, they can read your bio, they can visit your website, they could even decide to buy from you. I would argue 100% that getting one profile visit is more valuable than a few likes on your post.

Which Instagram interaction is the most important to your business?

Only you can decide how to measure the success of your posts. It might be that actually post likes aren't a great representation of how well your content is engaging and converting your audience. When you are checking your analytics, try tracking one of these other interaction types instead of likes. Create content that makes your followers want to share your posts, check out your profile and save the information you share.

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  1. Really interesting! I have been paying more attention to my insights recently, it is an really useful breakdown and something which I aim to work on analysing a little more so to improve my figures. I find it interesting too how as I interact more, my ‘profile visits’ figure at the top of my profile is slowly increasing, so it shows that if you turn up and keep at it, it does make a difference! Now I just need to turn all the numbers into sales!

    • Thanks so much for your reply Gemma! Yes, I love that ‘profile visits’ statistic, it is very revealing! I’m really pleased to hear thar you are starting to get more people to your profile 🙂 Keep up the good work! I will try and cover some tactics for sales soon.


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