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Do you take much time to think about your digital wellbeing? Are you starting to feel overwhelmed by your phone? Are social media apps taking their toll?

In this blog, I explore some of the techniques I use to help with my own digital wellbeing and I hope that they might help you too.

Changing habits

The past 12 months have been testing, to say the least. And, as a result, my screen time has increased dramatically. My online habits have changed!

And I know I’m not in the minority.

I know so many of us are struggling with our screens and keeping a healthy balance. Especially if, like me, you are running your own business too. It can be hard to step away and just find time to do something other than scrolling or checking in on emails.

So how can we improve our digital wellbeing whilst still using our screens? We need to be able to check-in with friends and run our businesses at the same time.

These are some of the tips and tools I use to help protect my own digital wellbeing:

🌻 Set time limits on your device and also any apps that you know will drain your time and energy. If you are guilty of too much time on Facebook or Instagram (like me) you can set wellbeing limits in the settings.

😴 It's scientifically proven that screentime affects our sleep, and it’s recommended that we leave our phone in another room at least one hour before we turn in for the night… which links me nicely to my next point… 

☕ Try not to turn your phone on until one hour after waking or until starting work. No scroll time in the morning is such a difficult one, but it does really help make you feel more in control of your screen usage. Use your morning time more mindfully, read a book, take a cup of coffee outdoors and plan your day.

🚫 Can't stop checking for notifications? Physically put your phone in a drawer in another room to keep it away from you and try to break that habit.

🚶 Take a walk, get a change of scenery, leave the phone at home.

💻 If you need to use social media for your business, outsource what you can afford. Reducing your time on social media is only going to increase your productivity elsewhere in your business.

🌱 And if you can’t outsource try using productivity apps to prevent you from getting distracted. I love using Forest to help me with this. I get rewarded for my time by growing and unlocking cool trees for my virtual woodland.

📝 Be intentional with the time in your day and plan out what you are going to do in advance (with time for social media breaks). If part of your time is to be present and engaging with your ideal customer on Instagram then be intentional with that too. For example, like 5 posts, leave 5 comments, reply to 5 stories etc.

🙅 Disable notifications on your phone and if you are really struggling, you could try uninstalling the apps during weekdays and reinstall them at the weekends.

Stay positive

🌈 If certain social media platforms are draining your energy more than they used to, try to seek out more positive and inspiring online spaces.

This is one of the reasons I love Pinterest so much, it’s an oasis of positivity and inspiration. If you’re wondering whether Pinterest would be a good option for your business marketing take a look at this blog I wrote earlier.

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